Holiday Skip-a-Payment
Loan Extension


No holiday loan extension will be granted if your loan is not at least six (6) months old, is over 10 days delinquent or if you have ever been over 60 days delinquent on your Current loan.
Holiday Loan Extension Fee: $35.00 (This fee must be paid on the date the extension is granted and will not be added to your loan)

Interest will continue to accrue on the unpaid principal of the loan and will extend the maturity date that is shown on the loan. Fee will be refunded if loan does not qualify.

Please mail, fax, scan and email or drop this form by the office. You will be advised when the request is approved or denied.
Please submit application a minimum of 15 days before payment is due on monthly payments and 30 days in advance for Bi-weekly & semi-monthly payments.

Please deliver to:
505 E. Route 66 Blvd., Tucumcari 88401 or mail to
PO Box 1023, Tucumcari 88401

Please call 575-461-0433 to speak to a loan officer
******* November 15, 2019 – January 15, 2020 *******

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