Checking & Savings

MasterCard Debit Card DEBIT/ATM Card
Free & Easy Share Draft Checking


IRA (Traditional, Roth & Coverdale)

Share Draft Checking Account
(No Monthly Service Fees)

Services Include:

  • Share Draft checking accounts
  • Term certificates
  • IRA share accounts
  • Regular share saving accounts
  • MasterCard Debit Card (Debit/ATM Card)
  • Overdraft Privilege


Opening Account:

  • $5.00 Minimum Deposit to Open a Kirby Kangaroo Club Share Account
  • $ .25 Membership Fee
  • 0 - 12 Years of Age to qualify for the Kirby Kangaroo Club Share Account
    (Thirteen years old-the designation will be changed to a regular share account.

Lost/Misplaced Coupons - All participating members are responsible for maintaining their records and coupons. The credit union will not replace them. Coupons must be presented to purchase a product.

$5.00 Penalty Fee if the Kirby Kangaroo Club account closed within 60 days.

Dividends will be declared monthly by the board of directors.

Dividends on the .Kirby Kangaroo Club Share Account will be determined on the credit union's tiered savings system.

Deposit Balances Dividend Rate
$5 to $99 0.25%
$100 and above will be based on the 01 Share Accounts Dividend Rates.

Prize Coupons:
For every $5.OO deposited the child wil1 receive a coupon. A maximum of 10 coupons will be disbursed on a deposit of $50 or more.

The child can save the coupons and redeem them on great gifts.


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